Keeping Your Pets Active and Stay healthy


Keeping Your Pets Active - How to Help Your Pets Stay in Shape

During the warmer months it is much easier to keeping your pet active and Stay Healthy , what do you do in the cold winter?

Pet inaction can often be a sign of health problems for your pet, or even lead to health problems.

Here are some tips for your pet:

  • Keep your cat active. 
  • If you've ever kept cats outdoors, know they are hunters.

When I got older, my family had a cat that left all kinds of trophies on our doorsteps, such as

  • Mice.
  • Birds.
  • And even rabbits.

For most people, however, cats are pets, domestic cats have less room to roam and explore, but that doesn't mean they have to endure life.

Here are our top active sourcing for keeping your cat active: 

  1. Make sure your cat has a companion.
  2. Having multiple pets in your home will naturally help your pet to be more active than one  sometimes it takes a while for a cat to get used to other animals in the house, but usually after a while, if you have no other pets in the house, be sure to play with the cat several times a week, this will help you bond with your cat and give her the exercise she needs.
  3. Give the cat toys: most people think buying cat toys from the pet store is a good idea, but cats will play with anything, we know cats love to play with yarn, if you don't have a string, it will work too, video a cat is chasing a laser pointer, you know, this is also a good kind of exercise, just make sure the laser beam is away from the cat's eyes.
  4. Creative. Cat toys can be a variety of items in your home, i even saw cat claws on the zipper of my backpack for about 15 minutes.
  5. Help the cat climb, we have a yard full of trees for our cats to climb, if you have a pet cat, give it a place in the house to climb, if you don't want them to climb onto your furniture, consider buying or building a cat tree, a cat tree is to a cat what a jungle gym is to a child. It not only helps cats to exercise, but is also a place where cats can relax.

Keep your dog active.

Most people will think that keeping an active dog is not that difficult, dogs are naturally more active than cats, but that doesn't mean you should ignore their level of activity. The good news is that people often stop walking their dogs when it gets colder.

Here are some tips to remember during this time:

  1. Look inside, if you have enough room in your home and there are no fragile items nearby, consider playing with your dog indoors, my dad played catch our dog by throwing a ball or other toy down the stairs, after about 20 laps, our dog will be emaciated, doesn't take long, try to throw a ball or toy and it only takes a few minutes of your day, this is a great opportunity for your pet to socialize and exercise.
  2. If you don't have time to sign up for a class, try teaching your dog a new trick at home, there are many video tutorials you can find online, in the end, everything is solvable, the time is definitely not wasted. 
  3. A short walk, when walking your dog during the colder months, you'll want to take short walks and even equip your dog with panties to protect its paws from the cold - even just walk into a room.
  4. Take an outdoor shower, then exercise for a few minutes and jogging is a good exercise for your dog.

In conclusion, keeping your pet active will not only be physically healthy, but will also maintain its mental well-being, positive pets are happy pets.

Be creative when looking for ways to play with your dogs and cats, better a little time every day than nothing.

Thank you 😊 

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