How to deal with a dog bite and the most important first aid

How to deal with a dog bite and the most important first aid

Are you bitten by a dog? Are you owner of any dogs? Infection is the biggest danger You are playing with your dog, and somehow, between growls and tail wags, it can happen, so How to deal with a dog bite and the most important first aid?

Have the potential to scratch, and people or children may be walking down the street when an unknown dogs or animal mutt attacks and bites without notice.

Dogs that have predatory instincts if something bothers them, and dog bites are common, so you must avoid making your dog angry or endangering him.

- Dog bite infection symptoms.

After a dog bite, if the virus is transmitted from the dog bites to the infected person, the virus from the bites reaches the brain and causes:

  • Muscle spasms. 
  • Great nervous excitement. 
  • The breathing muscles in humans may be infected. 
  • Causing death immediately. 
  • A drop in the heart muscle for the person.

- Treatment of dog bites.

If the dog bitten is mild and not a cause for concern, it is easily treated at home.

You can determine if the bite is severe or not by noticing the effect on your skin and how it penetrates into the layers of skin.

But if dog bites does not penetrate the skin tissue, it will be of the simple type, and it can be treated at home, but if the bitten does penetrate, do some first aid and rush to visit a doctor to receive your treatment immediately to prevent the risk of your health.

1- Clean the dog bite with warm water.

After you examine the dog bite and see that it is simple, wash it well with water and soap, and do not forget that it should be warm so that you can remove the germs and bacteria that are present in the dog's mouth and transmitted through the injuries during the bite.

Here, you can consult the doctor about a type of soap that is anti-bacterial and germ-repellent, and if the soap stings you with water during the injuries of the bite, do not worry; he is disinfecting like this, so try to bear the dogs  bites pain a little.

2- Press strongly on the dog bite.

After washing dogs bites and clean it, dry it well, and if you see it is still bleeding, press it with a cloth to get the bleeding out, then tie the wound well.

3- Use a medicated ointment.

You can put an antibiotic ointment on it to help you recover from the bite easily.

You can use the medical ointment designated for this and put it on the wound by following the various instructions written on it.

Do not forget that the doctor has the liability to tell the person what happened and take the right advice from him, he has liability  saving your life.

4- Change the wound dressing regularly.

You must change the wound dressing every once in a while in the event that it appears that it is wet or dirty, in order to preserve the wound and protect it from various germs and bacteria.

You change this bandage if your doctor advises you to do so to make a perfect dog bite care.

It is important to pay attention to your dealings with the dog and to train him in the correct way to deal with you, and do not forget the necessary vaccinations for the dog so as not to harm him and endanger your life, and stay your dog save.

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