Homemade Dog Food Recipes: Choosing Balanced Ingredients


Homemade Dog Food Recipes: Choosing Balanced Ingredients

You want to make your dog's food at home and you're kind of wondering like what exactly do i need to add first? what exactly needs to be in a homemade dog food? in this blog you will discover exactly what ingredients you need to add.

Most homemade dots they're just far healthier like you're making fresh ingredients, you know what's going into it, they're not toxin contaminated filled.

1- Protein.

You need to start with a good quality protein, focusing on:

  • Lean beef.
  • Lean chicken.
  • Lean turkey.
  • Including eggs.

That have a high quality balanced amino acid profile, we want the animal protein to be the primary part of the diet, and that's the first thing that we're focusing on, in this recipe i would start with one pound of the ground turkey and add in one to two eggs.

2- The Carbohydrates.

They're not needed to be part of your dog's diet, but i would prefer you choose one of the healthy carbohydrates be it:

  1. Ground rice potato.
  2. Or sweet potato.

I'm choosing sweet potato for this recipe, and in particular, they also provide those healthy ones some really good key nutrients, the sweet potato is rich in fiber protein vitamins (a, c, e, the b vitamins) as well as potassium, so i'd be adding in one cup of the sweet potato.

3- fat.

It is a key ingredient, and needs to be added to every dog food.

The sunflower oil can give us a balanced omega-6, omega-3 fatty acid ratio, really important for just general dog health, secondarily sunflower is really high in vitamin e, one of like the most important antioxidant vitamins, and you really need to have adequate levels of vitamin e in your dog's diet.

A coconut oil is another great source as far as a healthy fat, and it's also really rich in (vitamin e a), general rule of thumb is you're adding in one tablespoon of the oil per pound of meat right, so we've got one pound of ground turkey we'd have one tablespoon of sunflower oil.

4- Krill oil.

I would add in additional omega-3 fatty acids, we're looking at krill oil doses of about 500 milligrams per 20 pounds of body weight daily, for this recipe we add that in after everything's cooked.

5- calcium.

If you're not feeding your dog bones you're gonna need to be adding calcium in some form of a supplement to make this a balanced diet.

I prefer calcium in the form of ground eggshell it's inexpensive, and eggs are part of a recipe.

So to make the grown eggshell i'll rinse out my egg i put it in the oven for about 10 or 15 minutes, then i grind it in a coffee grinder.

For each pound of meat that's being fed, we're feeding one pound, mixing up one pound you're adding in about a thousand milligrams of calcium, so that would equate to one half a teaspoon of our ground eggshell.

After the meat, the sweet potato, the veggies are cooked up then i'd be adding the calcium (eggshellpowder).

6- Vegetables.

Remember what your mother always said, you gotta eat your veggies dark green leafy.

Vegetables are probably the best ones to be adding kale as i prefer under spinach, you know it's rich in many of the vitamins (vitamin a), (vitamin c) they're rich in:

  • Some of the minerals.
  • Calcium.
  • Zinc.
  • Potassium.

All like key nutrients that should be in your dog's diet, you're getting all of these including things such as flavonoids, gluten, and kale, in this recipe I will add about a chopped cup full cup of the kale, and i lightly steam it.

7- Fiber.

The last big kind of overall ingredient group you need to be thinking about, is fiber.

I mean if you're using the kale, the spinach you've got additional fiber using a sweet potato you've got some additional fiber.

Fiber is one of those big key things that keeps your dog's gut much happier, the fiber source i prefer is ground flax, a standard amount of ground flax is about a teaspoon per cup of food fed daily.

The Vitamin minerals.

  1. Then lastly it's the vitamin minerals, they're in all the things that we've just discussed i'm going to highlight the big important ones that really need to be in a balanced homemade diet, some of those vitamins we overlook so vitamin d high amount for an egg yolk you're beating eggs you've got your vitamin d covered vitamin e there's a ton of vitamin e and sunflower oil if eating sunflower oil your vitamin e is covered the b vitamins, so important for healthy brain healthy nerves guess what they're in kale  they're in sweet potato.
  2. Then lastly, many of those minerals we often overlook iron, there's a bunch of iron in the meat that we're feeding, also in the kale zinc, it's in our animal protein it's also in our ground flax iodine, super important mineral to have a normal healthy functioning thyroid gland what's rich in iodine egg yolks, you're feeding eggs, your iodine is covered.
  3. The last big key micronutrient that is often left out of dog food recipes potassium, what's rich in potassium many you think of banana you know what else, sweet potato you got your sweet potato in there your potassium is covered as well last but not least, say you don't want to worry about all that stuff you just want to sort of make a balanced recipe you're going to do some animal protein, some healthy carbohydrate like the sweet potato, maybe some carrots, and kale, and you just want to make sure all the other vitamins and minerals.

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