How do I know that the Adsense account is activated Mysuperpet 2023

How do I know that the Adsense account is activated or not, and what are the best and simplest ways to do so, and is my account linked to the channel or my site? All of this will be verified now.

Also, this method is obligatory from Adsense so that you can withdraw your profits, and it guarantees that all profits will reach their owners by confirming their real addresses and data.

They can then withdraw their profits through the payment method they confirmed about activating the account after the 21st of each month if your profits reach $100 or more, and if not, you can wait for the next month.

Also, you cannot activate your Adsense account until you first reach the minimum amount that Adsense set for that, which is $10.

How do I know if my Adsense account is activated?

    You can follow the steps that I will mention now to find out whether your account is activated or not, and whether there are any violations or the like on it.

    1. Log in to your Adsense account.
    2. Enter your data if you are unable to log in.
    3. Log in to the main page.
    4. Click on Settings from the side menu of your account.
    5. Click on the status word from the settings.
    6. Now all violations and violations appear to you.
    7. If violations appear, your account will be suspended, and this is the reason.
    8. If there are no violations or irregularities, your account is already activated.

    9. How do I know that my adsense account is activated on YouTube?

    Now we will discuss the method of knowing whether the Adsense account is activated on your YouTube channel or not, and there are also simple steps that you can follow to find out whether your account is activated on your channel or not?
    1. Log in to your YouTube channel.
    2. Log in to your YouTube studio.
    3. Is there a card with Google Adsense written on it and next to it a green check mark?
    4. If yes, then the account is activated on your channel.
    5. If you do not find this word or this sign, your channel is not activated.

    If the account is not activated, how can it be activated with the card?

    One of the easiest ways in which you can activate your account on AdSense is to use your card and then follow the following steps in order until you finish activating your account and start using it actually.

    First, what are the conditions for activating an Adsense account with a card?

    • Request the pin code first more than once in order to allow you to activate the card.

    • The minimum amount in your account is now $10.
    • All angles of the image are completely clear.
    • The username on the card is exactly the same as the one on your account.
    • Your card does not expire thirty days prior to activating the account.
    • No card other than the government-affiliated card "the national card" is accepted.
    • You can now withdraw your profits after they reach $100.

    What are the steps to activate the Adsense account with the card?

    After confirming all the items that we mentioned now, the steps to activate the account with the card.

    1. Log in to your Adsense account.
    2. Log in to the account ownership form.
    3. Start typing your data.
    4. Write the data as in your card by letter.

    5. Take two photos of the card, front and back, and attach them to the form.
    6. Check if a message was sent to you on time to your email. Click on the link to confirm your information.

    7. Reply after twenty-four hours with acceptance, God willing, by sending a message to your email.

    How do I know that the adsense account is activated?

    Now we have answered the best way to find out if your Adsense account is activated or not?

    In addition to the method of activating the card and the conditions for doing so as well, we would also like to mention that you cannot withdraw your profits before $ 100, which is the minimum withdrawal limit.

    And activating the account is only a step to confirm your data and information so that your profits reach you correctly, and Adsense takes that step to preserve the rights of its subscribers and users.

    Also, you can use this activation method after the attempts of activation methods using the pin code have run out due to the occurrence of some problems and it did not reach you, or something like that.

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