What is Google Adsense for beginners? Earning from Google Adsense Mysuperpet 2023

In light of the huge development in technology at the present time, profit from the Internet is no longer difficult, as there are many ways between commission marketing and between opinion polls and social media, and profit from blogging and writing articles.

What is Google Adsense ?

And what is the best way to profit from Adsense for beginners 2022?

And can you actually earn more than $ 300 a month from the Adsense program?

We will explain all this and more in detail, and we will guide you on the correct way to create an account and actually start making your first profits from the Internet through Google Adsense in more than one way and more than one type.

What is Google Adsense ?

Adsense  was created in 1998, but in the beginning it was not owned by Google, and its name was Ojo until 2011, until Google officially announced its acquisition and purchase of Google Adsense.

Then it becomes the largest advertising company at the present time, and one of the best companies that you can deal with, because all its alternatives are not that confident and their profits are less than the average for it, and this company simply allows you to display ads to its advertisers on your site with a percentage of the profits, and you can also Using its ads on more than one type of content.

  • graphic content
  • videos
  • text content..

What are the ways to profit from Google Adsense 2022?

Before entering the best ways to profit from Google Adsense, you must first know the credibility of this company, how its profits are managed, and also what is the Adsense company in the first place, "as we explained now"? And when everyone is advised to deal with it.

This is after it received wide popularity among people who profit from the Internet, and it has become the best way to profit from websites and blogs, as well as YouTube channels and other ways that enable you to profit from ads.

Start using adsense

You cannot directly start earning from Adsense without any content. Yes, you must have some content or a site on which you can display ads to actually start making money.

There are many ways to find content, the most important (do not worry, we will explain all these methods in detail), and after finding the appropriate content, you will start bringing visitors to that site, so you can actually get profits of up to $ 5 for every thousand visitors.

And this varies based on very many factors, you can achieve more or less than that, but this is up to you, and we will mention these factors after mentioning the best ways to profit from Adsense.

The best ways to earn from Adsense for beginners 2022

There are many ways to profit from Adsense, between text and written content “which is preferred”, and between photo content “through applications uploaded to Google Play” and through videos “YouTube and applications as well”, let us mention the most important and most common of these methods.

Profit from Adsense through Blogger

Profit from Adsense through Blogger, after creating a Blogger blog, you can then seek to fulfill the conditions for acceptance in Google Adsense, as there are simple conditions for making money.

What are the conditions for accepting your blog on Blogger in Adsense? 

  • Exclusive and useful content for the visitor. 

  • 10 articles as a minimum. It is preferable that each article be more than 1000 words. 

  • Create all static pages.

  • Dividing the blog into a number of sections (preferably at least 5 sections). 

  • Each section contains at least 5 articles "preferred not compulsory".
  • Not violating Adsense policies and providing suitable content for everyone. 

It is preferable to deal with it only as an advertising company. 

But I regret to say that this is not enough at all to profit from Adsense, this is only enough for acceptance, but you have certainly accomplished an important step, the second step is to bring visitors to your site to understand the main factor in profit, and the best source of visits is Google, so you must learn how to issue search results, and what SEO "Search Engine Optimization" stands for Search Engine Optimization. Also read: How to profit from blogger from scratch

Profit from Adsense through Wordpress

Blogger is a completely free service, but it does not allow you complete freedom in dealing with your site, while WordPress allows you to do so.

But it is paid and you pay a sum of money per month for the hosting that you use on your site, but I do not recommend it for beginners. Deal with Blogger first and when you gain the necessary experience in blogging and how to profit from writing articles? You can now deal with WordPress.

As for after creating a site on WordPress , the conditions for acceptance in WordPress are the same with Blogger, and then you must also attract visitors to your site and earn profits from blogging, with some tips for any blogger.

  • Adsense earnings are weak in the beginning, very large with continuity.

  • Learn SEO and publish search results, the most important factor for earning from Adsense.

  • All bloggers give up at first, so be patient, then be patient.

  • Do not buy traffic, as this may close your account in Adsense.

  • Read a lot and gain more knowledge about writing.

  • Don't copy, learn how to write exclusive and good content for the visitor.

  • Focus on one way to make money from the Internet, it will be much better.

How to earn money from adsense from youtube

After creating your YouTube channel, you are now starting to fulfill the conditions for acceptance in Google Adsense for your channel, and they are.
  1. 3000 subscribers.
  2. 4000 watch hours last month.
  3. You are over 18 years old.
  4. Exclusive content and no violations.

These are the simple conditions, after which you can apply in the AdSense Partners Program to activate ads after accepting the response, then the most important step is to issue search results on YouTube, which is always difficult for new YouTubers, but it is patience with a good study of that over time.

Profit from applications through Adsense

But if you are a fan of programming, you can now start learning to create mobile applications in more than one way.
  • Creating applications using the ios system.
  • Create Android applications.
  • Learn Flutter and build apps on both platforms.
And then you start displaying Google admob ads on your site to profit from ads as well, whether your application is on Google Play or the App Store.

Profit from freelancers and social media sites

You can provide AdSense acceptance services for an amount of money, or write content and articles for those who deal with that company, and you can also create a free blog and sell it after acceptance for more than 1500 pounds, or sell the domain alone after acceptance for an amount of up to 700 or 800 pounds.
You can also create videos on your Facebook page, after profit from Facebook has become available in almost all Arab countries, so that you can profit from Google Adsense ads as well, just like YouTube.

Types of Google Adsense ads

  • Picture ads
Ads suitable for all sizes and screens, and it is a visual advertisement that is very popular with the visitor and does not cause any inconvenience to the visitor.
  • In-feed ads
You can create automatic ads for Google instead, or create them manually as you like.
  • Ad within the article
A very profitable advertisement, and it is an advertisement for something of the same content as the topic you are talking about. For example, if you are talking about profit from the Internet, the best programs for profit from the Internet will appear to you as an advertisement.
  • Multiple ads
It will be an ad containing more than one ad for more than one product, which is called multiple ads.

Adsense ads sizes

There are four types of ad sizes
  1. Leading ads
  2. Horizontal ads
  3. Square ads
  4. Fixed sizes Here you determine the size of the ad yourself

Adsense monthly earnings rate

The famous Blogger and Arabic blogs in particular have very high profits, and so does WordPress and also YouTube channels, and the main source of profits in all of these platforms is Adsense.
Also, the higher the rate of visits, the greater the profits a lot, and as we mentioned before, it reaches $ 100 profits for every approximately 50,000 visitors.

And the minimum limit for withdrawing your profits from Google Adsense is $ 100. If you do not achieve that number, then your profits will be transferred to the next month directly until you achieve the minimum profit from that Google platform.

And you can withdraw the profits through a bank check or a bank account at Western Union.

By going to the payments section after reaching the minimum limit and entering your account information to receive your monthly profits automatically on the 21st of each month.

Disadvantages of earning from Adsense

  1. Your earnings are by clicking on ads only, and there are no earnings for the number of impressions of ads.
  2. You will not be able to control ads by 100%, you may control up to 90%.
  3. It has terms of acceptance, while there are other companies that accept everyone without conditions.
  4. If you leave one of its policies, it may lead to closing your account, and you will not be able to withdraw profits.
  5. Ads may slow down your site or blog sometimes.

Benefits of earning from Adsense

  1. The most profitable advertising company.
  2. Honest and tested by many people.
  3. Free subscription "You can sign up and create an account for free."
  4. Its ads are compatible with all screens.
  5. Adsense ads are not annoying to visitors.

What are the steps to register for Adsense?

  1. Log in to Adsense .
  2. Putting the url of your site "your site link".
  3. Choose the country from which you are using the account.
  4. Put a check mark in front of sending suggestions and sending help from Adsense.
  5. Click to start using Adsense after agreeing to the privacy policies.
  6. Enter all the details of your address and the like in detail.
  7. After that, you will see a code that you put after this <head> tag in Blogger.
  8. In WordPress Apperance >> widgets and then place it in the text widget of the articles.

What after admission to Adsense?

The problem is not acceptance, but the biggest problem facing every blogger or any website owner who deals with Adsense is the profits, and one of the best ways is to choose the right place to put your ad codes and start making money, so what are the best places to profit from Adsense?

  • in the header of the site

Everyone who enters your site can easily see that advertisement, and it is also the most visited place where the visitor clicks on the advertisements in it, and that is also for the owners of YouTube channels, as the advertisement at the beginning of the video is very important and profitable as well.

  • after the topic title

If you are a blogger, the place after the title is also very rewarding. You can use that place as a good way to attract the visitor to click on it.

  • within the content

The most important part, in which all the visitor's focus is on the content itself, leave the side menu, as it is useless. Try to place more than one advertisement within the same article, in the middle of the video for YouTube channels.

  • In the last article

Also, after the visitor finishes reading the article, he is at the most relaxing time and begins to look. Is there anything to stay on your site or to leave? It is better to place an advertisement here as well, and you can also add some links to articles similar to that article that the visitor read, so that a visitor may look at it And it stays longer in your site.

The best alternatives to adsense advertising?

There are many proven alternatives to Adsense, and I have explained them here in an article on the 6 best alternatives to Google Adsense , but after my experience with most of these companies, Adsense is the best of them in terms of profit rate, but they are somewhat good if you suffer from the complete rejection of your site by Google Adsense, but try to profit From Adsense, it is better than all of these alternatives.

Important answers to learn more about the Google Adsense program

Is profit from Adsense forbidden?
Read that article

Does Adsense accept a free domain?
Yes, and that is based on the experience of many people

Does Adsense accept a free domain?
Yes, but try to find a template that is accepted by such as Squeeze, Seo Plus, and Page Mag for Blogger bloggers.

Is Adsense fraud?
We explained it a hundred times and I repeat it no.

Is Adsense profitable?
Yes very much but it takes time.

My experience with adsense

In fact, I have not yet received profits from Adsense, because this blog is fairly new, but its profits in relation to the number of visits and the appearance of ads are very good to some extent, and I have gained a fairly large amount of experience and how to deal with that company and profit from it And even an increase in the rate of profits as well, and even I may be like you. I knew that company and the profit from it by chance by dealing with Blogger and writing articles, so I said, Why do I not profit from blogging?

What is Google Adsense for beginners 2022 and profit from it

  1. Earning through the free blogger platform.
  2. Profit from wordpress.
  3. Profit from creating applications.
  4. Profit from YouTube.
  5. You can also profit from Facebook from video ads.
  6. Profit from freelancer sites

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