How to profit from YouTube by reading 3 methods explained Mysuperpet 2023

Have you ever thought that your love of reading books can be used for profit through YouTube ? Would you believe me if I told you this was possible?

Did you know that there are already a large number of successful YouTube channels in the field of reading books that make huge amounts of money per month.

This is not an article about those fictitious areas of profit, but rather a real field that many people depend on to achieve a monthly income. Also, we are not talking about reading in a specific field, but rather you can make profits through the books that you prefer to read, whatever their field.

In this article, we will explain to you three different ways that you can rely on to profit from YouTube by reading, and we will also give you many very important tips that will help you a lot to succeed and achieve the best profits.

Explanation of three different ways to profit from YouTube by reading

Reading is an important intellectual activity for the human race, but we have recently started to get distracted from it and tend to pursue visual content. Reading is not very compatible with our current era, now everyone wants to get instant benefit from their activities and complete tasks as quickly as possible.

Nevertheless, books remain an important means of knowledge and even necessary to understand many areas of practical life. There are a large number of important books in areas such as management and marketing, without which the owners of the most famous international companies would not have succeeded.

Currently, some are forced to skip the idea of ​​​​reading important books and seek alternative solutions to find out the ideas in them, not to mention that audiobooks are very important for blind people.

In the past few years, many people have used one of the following methods to view information and ideas in books that are important to them without reading them:

  • Listening to books, including audio books.
  • Watch videos summarizing books on YouTube.

It is worth noting that YouTube is a very flexible platform in terms of the content that you can provide through it. Using the above methods, you can use your love of reading books to create a profitable YouTube channel easily and inexpensively.

In addition to the previous ideas, there are a large number of readers looking for YouTube channels that analyze and criticize books. Some people do not want to waste their time reading a book that does not suit them or that they may not like, so they search for a video that discusses this book before reading it.

There are those who have read a book or a novel and are looking for an analysis of what they have read in a literary form.

The important conclusion for you: There are always tens of thousands of readers who like to discuss their favorite novels and books, and they are looking for YouTube channels that do so in an attractive literary way.

In the following lines, we show you the details of the three most important and best ideas that you can use in the field of profit from YouTube through reading, and they are:

  1.  Create audiobooks.
  2. Analysis and discussion of books and novels.
  3.  Summing up books.

Here is an explanation of each method in detail, in the order listed above:

1. Create audiobooks

Reading and recording books, or what is known as creating audiobooks or audiobooks, is the easiest thing you can do on your YouTube channel.

Almost any content on YouTube needs some preparation, especially if the content provider intends to appear in the videos that he will present, as for creating audiobooks and adding them to YouTube, it requires the least possible amount of preparation and can be created easily.

Creating an audio book is an easy and simple process, and its basic steps can be summarized in the following steps:

  • Record a book you chose with your voice and save the recording file in high quality.
  • Create a simple video file with good quality.
  • Merge the audio file (recording) with the video file (to have one file).
  • Upload the file to your channel.

Here are the most important free audio recording programs:

Most of the previous programs are free, but some of them are already on your device, such as Windows Voice Recorder. Despite this, most professionals in the field of audio recording recommend using the paid Adobe Audition program for its professionalism and great features and features.

Note: In the event that you will rely on your mobile phone, there are mobile applications that specialize in recording sound, and you can rely on them, and you will find that some of the programs above are available as mobile applications as well.

It is worth noting that the process of creating a video file and merging an audio file with it requires the use of a video editing program such as:

  • Windows Video Editor
  • lightworks
  • openshot

Windows Video Editor is fast and easy to use, and since it's already on your device, it won't hurt you to use it. If you're looking for a video editing program that offers professional features for free, you should use Lightworks.

Important note: The steps for creating an audiobook are similar to the steps for analyzing and summarizing books, except that audiobooks require less effort in editing the video and audio file, also the video file for audiobooks may not need more than one background for the duration of the video.

Whoever searches for audiobooks mainly wants to listen to the book, so he is not very interested in the visual content, unlike videos summarizing books, for example, in which sound and image work together to keep the spectator interested and entertained.

We will not mention the previous steps again in the following methods of making a profit from YouTube by reading to avoid repetition. However, it is important to pay attention to the images or videos that the recipient will see in the following methods, because they are an essential element in the process of attracting his attention.

Important note: There is another way that you can profit from through audiobooks as an alternative to YouTube, which is relying on creating a podcast channel that specializes in readable books, and in order not to make the article long in explaining the matter, let me put links for you to articles we recently published about podcasts and profit from it.

Analyzing and discussing books and novels

Analyzing and discussing books is something that every book lover around the world loves to do. Readers like to discuss and sometimes comment on their favorite books before reading them in full. You may think that this is only related to the field of literary books such as novels and stories, but this is not true.

Researchers in scientific fields such as physics and chemistry love to discuss and analyze books published in these fields on a regular basis. These discussions often result in new books and sometimes scientific discoveries.

Of course, we do not need to mention the importance of discussing and analyzing the events of historical books and the extent to which historians and history lovers are concerned.

You are free to choose the method in which you will discuss the books, but there are several criteria that are preferred to be followed while doing so, such as:

  • Note that this video expresses your personal opinions, and is not relied on officially or legally.
  • As for reviewing novels, avoid revealing important details in them or their ending, and if you want to do that, mention it at the beginning of the video.
  •  Make sure that your analysis of the book is objective and unbiased.
  • Avoid uttering any inappropriate or outrageous words.

The book analysis video should be able to attract the viewer's interest, audio and visual. There are several ways to implement this, but most owners of book discussion channels rely on the simplest and easiest method, which is to record a video of them analyzing or discussing books.

Despite this, there is nothing to prevent dispensing with appearing personally in the video and contenting yourself with adding pictures or animations.

3. Summing up the books

What attracts some to watch book summaries videos is the way these summaries are displayed and presented. Of course, there are other attractions that interfere with this matter, such as the duration of the summary video, which is less than the duration of reading or listening to the book.

Videos summarizing books on YouTube find success that sometimes exceeds the audio versions of them, due to the skill of the video makers and their ability to summarize these books in an interesting and attractive way.

Summing up books is fundamentally different from discussing or analyzing them. The discussion does not necessarily show all the ideas of the books, but it analyzes them, and sometimes you may need to read the book to make the analysis seem acceptable and logical to you.

On the other hand, the role of summarizing is to provide the most important information and ideas in the book in a way that makes it unnecessary to read it.

Here are the most important ways to summarize books and the most famous in the field of profit from YouTube through reading:

a) Summing up the books without appearing in the video

This method of summarizing suits two different categories of people in this field, some do not want to appear in their videos for personal reasons, and there are those who do not have the required tools at the present time.

 Finally, there are those who prefer to summarize books through animation, which we will explain in detail in the next point.

The truth is that summarizing books without appearing and without relying on animation to grab the viewer's attention can be a bit difficult.

You will have to use and rely on a combination of images to attract the viewer, which may not work all the time.

You can rely on a distinctive sound that attracts the viewer's ear, making him deal with the video as he deals with audiobook videos.

b) Summing up books using animation

There are several popular Arab and international YouTube channels that summarize and explain books through animation. This method of clearance relies heavily on creativity and imagination to present the contents of the books in an interesting and attractive manner to the viewer.

In this method, the owner of the channel summarizes a specific book and converts this summary into an animation. The possibilities of this method of summarizing are not limited to fictional books and stories, but also extend to include historical books or those that contain ideas and scientific studies.

Some channels of summarizing books with animation depend on transforming the ideas contained in them into the situations of human protagonists to facilitate their implementation. Transforming ideas into situations is a popular narrative method that helps to communicate information to the viewer easily.

Some may find that learning animation design is difficult, but that depends on the program that you will use to design it.

Besides the program, there are several questions that you need to answer before choosing the program that you will use to make animations, such as:

  • Will you rely on pre-existing shapes in the program or will you design your own shapes?
  • Will you use 3D or 2D graphics?
  • Will you base your narration on people, forms, or both?
  • What is your level of knowledge of the animation industry?
  • What are the capabilities of your computer and can it run animation software smoothly?

Answering the previous questions will help you determine the best animation program that suits you from the following programs:

The previous programs provide several advantages in the field of animation design, for example Powtoon is a site that provides the possibility of designing animation through the browser for free, meaning that you can use it on any computer, regardless of its capabilities.

Blender is a giant program in the field of design that enables you to create high-quality 3D shapes, Moovly is available for use on mobile phones, and so on.

Summing up books with animation is one of the reliable ways to avoid appearing personally on your channel, unlike the previous method. This method is very attractive to display, and it is also suitable if you do not have a camera at the moment.

c) Summing up the books and appearing in their video

Summarizing books while appearing in their video is the easiest method of summarizing books on YouTube. As for the tools, you will not need more than a camera for photography and video editing software for this method.

Although it is the easiest method in terms of implementation, it has many requirements in terms of presentation. You need to know the basics of recitation, visual communication, and create a presence that attracts viewers to watch your videos.

Do not worry, it will not require an intensive study of the arts of public speaking or acting, it just needs some training and getting used to. You can consult your friends and acquaintances in the videos you created to help you improve them and discover the strengths and weaknesses of your summarizing style.

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How to make a profit from YouTube by reading?

In the previous part, we covered the methods by which you can create a YouTube channel based on your love of reading, but how will you profit from it?

Usually, the main source of profit from YouTube is to subscribe to its advertising program after fulfilling its conditions.

If you are interested in knowing the details of the terms of profit from YouTube and how to achieve them , we recommend that you read our detailed article on this topic.

Although ads are the main source of profit from YouTube, they are not the only source of profit through it.

Some ways to make money on YouTube through a channel interested in books are:

  1. Profit from affiliate marketing (products related to reading, such as books, tablets, etc.).
  2. Profit through advertising for libraries and bookstores.

Tips for creating a successful YouTube channel in the field of reading

1. Rely on a specific approach in choosing the books that you will rely on on your channel

Whatever you choose from the previous methods of profit from YouTube in the field of reading, you must first determine the method of selecting books. There are those who choose the books they will publish on their channel based on popularity, and there are those who choose them based on the quality of books that they personally prefer.

Choosing books based on their popularity will help you attract followers to your channel quickly, which will help in the process of making profits. On the other hand, choosing books that you will discuss or analyze on your channel based on the type of books you prefer is fun and lovely.

Discussing your favorite books contributes to the appearance of your content in an attractive way, because your talk about the book will stem from your passion and love for it. It is true that it is not the best way to spread in this field on YouTube, but it is a reliable method.

Finally, you can mix the two styles in selecting books. You can choose a popular book and make a video about it (according to the direction of your channel in this field) and the video that follows it to discuss your favorite book. Mixing will give you the most important advantages of the two methods, spreading and enjoying what you do.

2. Use your audience's recommendations to create your channel's content

Using the nominations of your audience can provide an endless amount of ideas for the content of your channel. The level of nominations and their inclusiveness can be determined by yourself according to the nature of your channel and the extent of your interaction with its audience.

For example, you can ask your audience what they think of the book category you are discussing and do they have suggestions about adding new book categories. To avoid categories that may not suit you, you can add a vote on your channel that contains several areas that you have not analyzed or summarized books to which you belong before.

Don't want to change the field of books you summarize or analyze? No problem, ask your audience to recommend books in the same genre as your channel. No one has read all the books in one field, so you will find among your audience's nominations new books to always review.

Using audience recommendations is much easier in the field of creating audiobooks, in this field you just read and whatever your audience suggestions you can implement without problems.

Attention to audience nominations is an essential factor in profit through YouTube in general, and this includes the scope of our article, of course. Note that the high demand for reading or analyzing a particular book contributes to increasing its video views, which helps to increase its profits.

3. The sound is more important than the image

This tip is mainly for audiobooks. Profit from YouTube through reading depends on listening more than watching. To a large extent, whoever listens to books will not care much about the image in the video, no matter how attractive it is.

Most audiobook lovers deal with it in the same way they deal with music or songs that they hear while doing other work.

Summarizing and analyzing books may depend on pictures to attract the attention of the recipient, but it will not be more important than the sound itself and will not replace it.

As it is clear, the sound factor is the most important in all previous methods, although the image factor in summarizing books, whether with or without animation, is a factor no less important than the sound in these methods.

4. Start according to the capabilities available to you

Most of the profit channels through YouTube that rely on reading or summarizing books started from a humble beginning. You do not need to own a professional microphone or buy expensive editing and recording software to get started as well.

Everyone would like to provide high-quality content on YouTube, but this may require a high cost, which may not be available sometimes to some.

Note that the audience for audiobooks and book discussions is a sophisticated audience that cares more about the content than the form of the content.

Take advantage of your available capabilities to make acceptable videos in terms of sound and image, and then list them later according to the success and profits of your channel.

5. There is no objection to turning the matter into a small company

Most of those who start making money from YouTube through reading start individually, but turning it into a collective business is possible and desirable. Involving more than one person in the process of creating videos summarizing books or recording audio books is done in certain circumstances and purposes.

You may have a great talent in diction, but you do not have experience in audio editing, here you can hire a friend to do this task for you.

In general, the process of creating these videos requires doing more than one task, and it is good to distribute these tasks to people who are good at doing them.

Also, distributing recording or editing tasks to several people enables you to obtain a well-made final product. High-quality videos generate higher profits than those of medium quality, and this includes all areas of content on YouTube.

You can expand or distribute tasks amicably with your friends to avoid paying huge amounts of money to professionals. You can also expand video production when you see that it is a necessary investment to increase your channel's revenue.

6. Taking into account the exits of words

Observing eloquence and diction techniques is self-evident with regard to audio recording. You will not get followers or views if your videos are not understandable, especially if you are creating audiobooks. You will not be able to attract viewers and followers.

You may face a problem with diction or exiting letters, and this is likely to happen and with time and training it will improve. In general, you can always seek the help of individuals who specialize in the field of audio recording from microservices sites if you are facing a problem with recording yourself.

Other than micro-service sites, there are sites that specialize in selling services related to professional audio recording and transcription.

7. Intellectual property rights

You will not often encounter intellectual rights problems while summarizing or discussing books, but the matter is different with regard to recording audiobooks.

You cannot register any book for which you do not own the intellectual rights, and this of course limits the number of books that you can convert into audiobooks.

Now you may be wondering; If I do not own the intellectual property rights to any book, does this mean that I should dismiss this idea? Of course not, fortunately there is a smart and legitimate solution for audiobook channel owners, which is to register books that belong to the public domain.

Books that are considered public domain are books that intellectual property rights laws do not apply to and are therefore easy to dispose of.

How do I know which books are in the public domain? This is an important question when it comes to creating audiobooks and there are two ways to answer it:

  • Search on the Internet for the property rights of the book that you want to convert into an audiobook with all specification.
  • Refer to the timing of the book's publication and compare it to the timing of the intellectual rights protection law.

The second method may be a bit complicated, but it is important, and sometimes it may be the only method available for some books. You simply need to know the release date of the book you want to register and the intellectual property rights protection law of your country.

For example, the property rights protection law in England protects books from public use for a period of 70 years, so if you want to register a book by a British author, you must take into account this law and the timing, which varies according to the author and his country.

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