What are the conditions for accepting a Blogger blog in Adsense Mysuperpet 2023

Conditions for accepting a Blogger blog in Adsense, as the conditions for Adsense have recently become ambiguous for many, and they do not know the best way to accept their blogs in Adsense. Also, there are those who submitted their blog, perhaps it will be accepted, but it was rejected by Adsense dozens of times. in Google Adsense.

Conditions for accepting a Blogger blog in Adsense

There are many conditions for accepting your blog on Blogger in Adsense and you start profiting from your blog on Blogger, but these conditions are not as difficult as you can imagine. They are much simpler than that. We will explain them now and also how to easily reach the conditions for accepting your blog on Blogger from Google Adsense, and among those conditions

  • Mandatory conditions must be present.
  • Some of them are optional conditions that are preferred to be present.
  • There are other important conditions for your blog to issue search results and get visits only, and it is not important for admission to Adsense.
Let us mention all these conditions in detail then.

Mandatory conditions for accepting a Blogger blog in Adsense

There are some conditions that must be present in your blog or blogger site in order to be accepted into Google Adsense, and those conditions are as follows.

Fixed page requirement 

Yes, as this title states, it is the most important conditions for Blogger for Google Adsense that your blog contains all the static pages, and they  are the About Us page  , the Privacy Policy page  , the Contact Us page  , and the Usage Policy page.

And you should know that it is impossible to be accepted into Adsense without these pages, meaning that it is a 100% mandatory condition, and it must be the first  step in creating your blog on Blogger  before applying to Adsense.

Content quality is one of the most important factors for approval in Adsense

It is not preferable for articles to be paraphrased from other articles, and even if they are, the percentage of distinctive and unique content in your article should exceed 90% of the total article.

The most important tools that can detect copy ratio in your articles are  Bloggerisma  and  Blogtracker .

What type of content is acceptable in AdSense?

It should be known that one of the most important conditions for accepting a blogger blog in Adsense is that your content type does not violate the privacy policy of Blogger and Adsense, which is that you do not talk about stolen programs or hacked programs, and also do not talk about any pornographic content.

Because this is a very large percentage that exceeds 90%, it will not make you accept Google Adsense, and you will not be able to profit from Blogger through it.

Continuing to publish content on Blogger

You should write articles continuously even after acceptance to AdSense because Google and AdSense love content that is constantly updated and provides more information all the time.

Optional conditions for accepting a Blogger blog in Adsense

As for there are some conditions for the blogger that you prefer to adhere to, because they increase the chance of your acceptance in Google Adsense and also make you top the first results in Google search, and those conditions are as follows.

Adsense domain requirement

The domain is the name of your site or blog, and the paid one is the one that does not contain the word blogspot in the link of your blog, but the free one contains that word, and this makes the link of your blog larger and less trusted by Google, and makes it difficult for you to compete with other sites and blogs in the top search results or acceptance of your blog in Adsense.

It is not, as many have said, that you must buy a domain for admission to Adsense, as there are many free domains that have been accepted by Google Adsense, and the profit has been activated, and they are free domains.

But it is preferable to have a paid domain because that increases your confidence in Google and also increases your chances of acceptance in Adsense, meaning that it is an optional condition for profit from Blogger and is not obligatory, but it is very preferable to buy a domain.

The two best sites for buying domains are  Godaddy  and Namecheap .  You can now visit them and choose the name you want for your blog, then start buying it directly.

Requirement for the number of articles for admission to Adsense

Also, there is no specific number of articles, that is, there is no condition in Adsense that states that you must write a specific number of articles, but it is preferable that the number of articles be more than 10 articles, and remember that it is preferable because you can accept a smaller number than that, but with fewer opportunities.

As for the number of words for each article, for admission to Adsense, it must be more than 500 words per article, and more than 300 words if the blog is news.

Template requirement for approval in adsense

There are many templates accepted in Adsense, including paid and free ones, but it is preferable that your template be fast so that Adsense ensures that your ads appear clearly and quickly.

The most important of these accepted templates is the Squeeze template , the SEO Plus template, as well as the BigMag template  and the Naz template .  It is preferable to choose the paid version of them to obtain all the features of the template and improve it, thus giving a better experience to the visitor and then achieving the profit conditions from Blogger.

Fulfilling the conditions for accepting a Blogger blog in Adsense

Now you are about to actually start making money from Blogger, after completing all of these conditions, all you have to do is log in to Adsense and then submit your blog to start making money.

You should also know that Adsense is the best advertising company that currently exists and that you can make fantastic profits from it. All you have to do is be patient, not rush, and continue to publish content with good attention to SEO.

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