What is the Canva tool and how to benefit from it and use it efficiently Mysuperpet 2023

The Canva tool is one of the most important and best image design tools online , but it is not only for designing and editing images as many think, but it has many other great tools.

Canva is a tool that millions of people around the world rely on for a variety of purposes, from editing photos to designing logos to creating short videos. In general, the Canva tool offers a large number of tools that are suitable for performing many tasks.

In this article, we introduce you to the Canva tool, and explain to you how to create an account with it, its most important sub-tools, and important tips on how to use it efficiently.

What is the Canva tool?

The Canva tool is a tool that is used through the browser, that is, without downloading any software. It is a tool that specializes in designs of all kinds. It is a unique and very famous tool in the world of the web, and its users are millions. Through it, professional designs can be created with ease.

With the Canva tool, you can do the following:

  • Image design (in general or for specific purposes such as images for social media accounts).
  • edit photos.
  • Create logos.
  • Design a resume.
  • Create and edit videos.
  • Book covers design.
  • Business cards design.
  • Create demos.
  • Website design offering services.

Canva provides all of the above services through three pricing plans:

  • Free price plan (providing all the above services, but with limited features).
  • A professional plan that offers all the features and all the tools provided by the platform, and its price is about 1000 Egyptian pounds, or the equivalent in other currencies.
  • A plan designed for a group of people, and its price is about 1,600 Egyptian pounds, or the equivalent in other currencies.

If you are a beginner content creator, or use some of Canva's tools from time to time, the free plan will be right for you.

How to create an account on the Canva tool

Creating an account on Canva is very easy, and we can sum it up in just three steps:

1. Go to the main page of the Canva website , then click on the Sign up for free button to show you the possibility of registering in several ways such as Facebook and Google (see the following image):

2. Choose the method that suits you to register a new account to move to the next step. In this step, you must choose the nature of your account from several options provided by the Canva tool (see the following image):

If you are not sure which option is right for you; Choose Personal.

3. Now you will need to select three goals or shapes that you want to design through the Canva tool (see the following image):

Click on Let's go after setting your goals to finish creating your Canva account. Congratulations! Your account is now ready to use.

Of course, if you subscribe to one of the paid packages; You will need to pay with your bank card that accepts online payment.

The most important tools provided by the Canva tool

1. Design and edit photos

The image design tool provided by Canva enables you to easily design and edit images even if you have not done so before. You can add the image that you want to modify through the PC, or through the webcam or your accounts on social networking sites.

You can use ready-made Canva tool templates (images) and modify them yourself. The templates are categorized into several categories such as events, fields, etc. Through the Text section, you can add texts to your designs.

Finally, through the Elements section, you can access the huge and varied Canva library, and add shapes and graphics to the image you want to edit. (See the following picture):

The image editing tool provided by Canva can also design logos online.

It is worth noting that the Canva tool provides you with the ability to design images for specific purposes, especially for social media, where with the click of a button you can adjust the dimensions and sizes of any design in order to publish it on the appropriate social media platform.

When you click on the Create a design button, a menu with many options will drop down for you. For example, if you choose Instagram Story, here the Canva tool will automatically open for you a design with a size of 1080 width and 1920 height, and this is the ideal size for Instagram stories.

There is another tool related to image editing provided by the Canva tool that enables you to combine several images into one image, the tool is called Photo Collage, and it is easy to use and collect the image through it and add effects to it.

2. Designing videos

The Canva tool enables you to design the appropriate video for the appropriate purpose and platform. This is done by providing a preset number of templates for each platform with its own sizes and scope.

For example, you can create an ad clip to be shown on YouTube, or a clip dedicated to publishing content on the same platform. You can choose to create a clip for platforms like TikTok, Instagram, even LinkedIn ads, and many more.

You can browse clip design options by logging into your account on the platform and selecting Videos (see the following image for more clarification):

Of course, you can write the type of video that you want to create to show you the tools and options provided by the Canva tool in this type.

Designing video clips through the Canva tool works similarly to the rest of the design tools provided by the tool, with some additions. For example, the tool enables you to adjust the length of the clip, add characters and effects, and modify them by moving or steadily to suit you.

Finally, the video creation tool provided by Canva does not impose a certain time on you to create your clips. In my opinion, this tool is one of the fun tools in the field of editing and creating clips, and it is very easy to use, especially for beginners in this field.

3. Web design

The idea of ​​designing a website may seem intimidating to some, but the Canva tool turns it into an easy process that can be implemented within minutes. Without the need for any technical expertise in the field of design or website creation, you can design a variety of website forms through the Canva tool.

From within your account, click on Websites to show you several templates designed to suit a variety of website domains.

The Canva tool provides you with the ability to create a website in the following areas:

  • Business website.
  • Portfolio for displaying your business and projects.
  • Website dedicated to events such as conferences and meetings.
  • Educational site.
  • Online retail site.
  • A site that displays your own links (such as your blog link, links to social media pages, and so on).
  • Website to provide and sell services.

For your information, it is not preferable to rely on the Canva tool to create complex website designs or that contain many features and tools. This is due to the main goal of the tool, which is to facilitate the process of creating websites that perform the purpose in the previous fields, but they cannot be relied upon in the long term.

Canva website design tool contains the same design sections as the previous tools. This tool enables you to modify the pre-made designs provided by the tool, or design your site from scratch using the images and graphics provided by the latter.

In my personal opinion, the Canva web design tool is an excellent tool for creating business showcase sites or a site that displays links. But if you are looking for a way to create a professional website, we recommend that you review our article dedicated to this topic.

4. Graphic design

Many companies and organizations rely on graphs or Graphs to present their data in an understandable way to their audience and decision makers. You can access this tool by logging into your account, then clicking on more and choosing Graph.

There are a large number of programs that can be used to create graphs, the most important of which is MS Excel and Google sheets. However, the Canva graphic design tool is easier to use than all the programs in this field.

For example, you need to know the rules for dealing with a program such as Excel in order to convert data into graphs, which is not easy. Dealing with the Canva tool for creating graphs is very easy and does not require training.

You do not need more than choosing the graph in which you want to display

your data, and then modifying the percentages and numbers that the tool added. 
(See the following picture):

In the previous image, I chose a template containing a circular graph, and then pressed the percentage numbers inside it to modify it.

Canva doesn't automatically adjust the ratios after adjusting one, so I did adjust them manually but that's pretty easy to do. (See the following picture):

As you can see, this is what the drawing looks like after I changed the ratio numbers. Also, I can cancel the ratio system and display numbers only. This is done by pressing Settings and selecting Numbers.

The tool also provides high flexibility in modifying several other options, such as the name and image of each ratio. Finally, the Canva tool enables you to choose other methods of display such as the tape, the timeline, and others other than the usual editing capabilities that the tool offers in every field.

In my opinion, the Canva infographic maker is the best tool for people who want to convert data into graphs in minutes.

5. Presentations design tool

Perhaps you need to design a presentation for work or study, but the options available to you for designing this presentation do not suit you. Maybe you don't have an original copy of MS PowerPoint, haven't learned to use it, or you want to design your presentation as quickly as possible to custom sizes.

The Canva tool for designing presentations is an easy and fast way to design your presentations with excellent quality within minutes. Click on Presentation from within your account to show you the areas that you can through the Canva tool to design presentations for.

The tool enables you to create presentations in the following areas:

  • A multi-purpose presentation in 16:9.
  • Presentation with Talking Presentation video added.
  • Presentation designed for viewing on mobile devices.
  • Presentation for various purposes in 4:3 scale.
  • Presentation for brainstorming and brainstorming.
  • Question game presentation.

The number of templates and customization capabilities provided by the Canva tool for designing presentations make it overpower the professional tools in this field. For example, the possibility of recording a personal video of presentations through the browser directly is not provided by most paid programs in this field.

Also, the ability to design a mobile-oriented presentation or a presentation with a question game system is a unique advantage in this field.

Finally, you do not need to make a lot of modifications to the places of words in the presentation templates provided by the Canva tool, other than choosing the appropriate place for all words based on the scope and size of the presentation. Editing these words and their places is very easy and flexible.

Do you have an important presentation that you must design very soon? Rely on the Canva tool for designing presentations, and on our article on how to make a professional presentation to influence and impress your audience with your capabilities in this field.

6. Resume builder

We all need an easy tool to create our own CV from time to time, of course there are professional tools and websites on the Internet that do this purpose efficiently, and even LinkedIn can play this role and create an organized and high-quality resume.

However, most of the professional sites in this field offer their services for a fee. As for LinkedIn, you may need some learning to create a professional resume on it. As for creating a resume easily and quickly, the tool provided by the Canva tool is the undisputed best choice.

From within your account on the Canva tool, go to Resume to easily create a resume. The tool enables you to create a resume that can be printed on the popular A4 size paper and the number of pages that suits you.

The tool gives you a huge number of pre-made resume templates, each template is unique in terms of information division or presentation, and even the shape of your personal photo.

Creating a CV through the Canva tool is the easiest thing you can do through this tool, the templates are already divided, and most of the necessary data is pre-written, meaning that you will modify it to your personal data only to have your CV ready.

Like other Canva tools, this one offers a large number of customization options, but honestly, you won't need most of them. Ease of modifying the template and adding your personal data is usually all you will need to create a professional resume within minutes, which is what is required.

7. Social media-oriented design tools

The Canva tool provides a full section of tools for creating visual content on social media in several forms, including:

  • Create a square photo for Instagram.
  • Create a custom image for Facebook posts.
  • Create a visual status story for Instagram.
  • Create a visual status for WhatsApp.
  • Create a cover page for a Facebook page.
  • Create a video for Tik Tok.
  • Create a banner for YouTube.

To access this section, go to your account on the Canva tool, then click on Social Media, then choose the tool that suits you. Most of the tools are suitable for any content you provide on any social media platform, whether personally or for promotional purposes.

The freedom to modify designs and add or delete shapes to them is present in all of these tools.

Even if you do not find some of the tools you are looking for, these tools are still excellent and practical. At the very least, these tools save you the time and effort that you would have incurred if you tried to rely on professional tools to design photos and clips suitable for social media platforms.

Important note: Access to the types of sub-tools that come under the umbrella of the Canva tool may differ in your account, for the following reasons:

  • Canva is constantly evolving its platform and may change the access points for sub-tools.
  • There you will find a focus on some sub-tools depending on your choices in the account creation purpose step.
  • Free accounts may differ from paid accounts.
  • There is often more than one way to access sub-tools, and designs can also be completed in different ways and with different sub-tools.

In any case, the Canva tool is an easy tool, and with very little effort, you will be able to understand and deal with it, and access any of its sub-tools.

3 important tips for using the Canva tool efficiently

1. Determine exactly what you need to design

We do not exaggerate when we say that the Canva tool can design anything of the shapes and sizes of images and video clips (see the following image):

Determining what you want to design accurately will help you find the perfect tool for it. For example, designing an image to add as a cover for a page on Facebook can be completed through the image editing tool, but it is preferable to use the social media tool specifically designated for this purpose.

2. Explore the tools you may need to use in the future

If you intend to enter the field of content creation in the future, there are several tools provided by the Canva tool that you should familiarize yourself with from now on. For example, I have previously trained in using the intro maker for YouTube clips, because I am interested in this matter.

You may also seek, for example, to get a job in the field of managing social networking pages, so try from now on to use Canva tools in this field. Early training on these tools makes you familiar with them, so they do not seem difficult to learn when they are actually used.

3. Check out the tutorial section provided by the Canva tool

Canva provides a set of various educational tools and resources in the field of design. There is a special section provided by the tool that contains 20 short video clips that explain most of the uses of the Canva tool in an easy way. We recommend that you review it.

There is also a blog provided by the Canva tool that contains many articles in areas such as design, e-marketing, and others. This blog is considered one of the best educational resources that you can rely on to get ideas for your designs and ways to implement them.

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