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Facebook Ads; It is one of the strategies used strongly in the world of marketing today. It is no secret that Facebook is currently one of the most powerful means of social media and digital marketing as well.

Facebook AdsIt is one of the strategies used strongly in the world of marketing today. It is no secret that Facebook is currently one of the most powerful means of social media and digital marketing as well. There are about 3 billion users around the world, but you need to know how to communicate with them properly.  

But also, posting on Facebook alone is no longer enough. When you make Facebook ads, you need to know how to do this advertisement? How do you use it and direct it properly?

How do Facebook Ads work?

The principle of Facebook ads work is to target a specific segment of users who have common  and similar features Then place your ad on the news of these users (there are several places where Facebook ads can appear - Facebook Ad Placements). 

Let's take into account that there are many forms and types of Facebook ads ( Facebook Ad Formats ), and each of them has certain characteristics and specific goals, from which you can choose  according to desire and need. 

In order to achieve the desired result from the money you invested  in an advertisement on Facebook, you must first know who your advertisement is directed to. When you create a new ad, you can define the target audience through a set of characteristics.  

  1. The age you want to target or  specify ( depending on the type and nature of the ad, you specify the age you want). 
  2. The geographical location of the target audience.
  3. sex. 
  4. languages ​​you speak .
  5. interests and trends.
  6. Their links to your other business pages on Facebook. 

Where Facebook ads appear

There are three possible places you could place your Facebook ads . After you specify the characteristics of the advertisement you want, you must specify that the advertisement appears to users, whether they are working on computers or mobile devices.

1-The first place for Facebook ads to appear: the right column
The right column is the first place a Facebook ad can appear. It appears on the right side of the user's Facebook News Feed.

The ad in the right column gets less engagement than the ads in the News Feed. However, when creating an attractive, good-value ad with a call-to-action (CTA), the right-column ad will have its added value.

2-Second place: News Feed (desktop)

When you browse Facebook from a computer, Facebook ads will appear right here in the user's News Feed.

  • Ads for this place get more interaction than others, but you should be aware  that they will be more expensive than others.

  • 3-Third place: latest news (mobile)

  1. This ad appears like a desktop newsfeed ad , this type of ad appears in a user's mobile news feed.

Types of Facebook Ads - Facebook Ad Formats

There are eight types of Facebook ads to choose from.

  1. Photo Ad

    Display advertising is an image through which you can market and promote a product or service. Or you want to draw attention towards something.
    Generally, for images placed in the News Feed, the minimum size should be 1080 x 1080.

  2. Video Ad

    Another form of Facebook advertising is the video advertisement. Where a video clip can be displayed in the advertisement, or a GIF file can be used . Video advertising is used to promote and market a product or event presentation.
    Video advertising often attracts a higher percentage of engagement among users. According to the latest statistics, 80% of all data consumed on mobile devices will be in the form of video by 2021.
    Types of video ads on Facebook:

      • Short videos and GIFs.
      • Vertical Videos.
      • Instagram stories - Instagram Stories.
      • Video Carousels.
      • Video Collections.
      • In-stream videos.
  3. Stories Ad - Stories Ad

    Stories Ads are part of Facebook Stories. Facebook has introduced this type of content recently, allowing you to post temporary clips and photos of their day to share with friends.

    • It is very suitable for mobile, and it also works on the desktop.
    • When users browse their friends' stories, these ads can appear in the same format within a sequence of stories. It's best to create story ads that reflect the same candid and fun look and feel that people see from their friends.
    • Stories ads can be placed on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.
  4. Messenger Ad

    When you're in the Facebook Messenger app, this ad appears as a direct message in your message list. This method of advertising is based on interacting with users to find out their reaction  and provide  them with the best. 

    You must have seen this advertisement before. For example (if you go to one of the pages that sell clothes, you can find a message about what kind of clothes you prefer and  it gives you three  options to choose from, then after choosing another more specific question appears for you and that helps determine the type of product or service that you want to provide or offer) . 

  5. Carousel Ad

    Carousel Ad is a beautiful Facebook Ad that enables you to place a group or series of images or videos that users can rotate and all help describe a single product, service or event.

      • Each carousel can contain up to 10 images or videos at a time.
      • You can link images or clips to the webpage you want the user to go to.
      • These ads carry a lot of media. It is used a lot in:
        • Work on a range of products.
        • Promote multiple features of the same product.
        • Tell a story or sequence of events that unfolds over several photos or videos.
        • Explain the process to potential clients.
  6. Slideshow Ad - Slideshow Ad

    Slideshow Ads are used to display images individually, picture by picture (one by one). Slideshow ads break your ad into a set of images and then show them to users.

      • The difference between Slideshow Ad and Carousel Ad is that Slideshow Ad works only with images (it does not support video).
      • Slideshow ads are used most often in:
        • It simulates a video-like experience  at  a fairly small cost . 
        • Advertisers who want to choose from a library of pre-built images and music. 
        • Simplify things for users because of the way images work. 
        • Using this type needs to use less data than others, so people with  slow internet can benefit from it . 
  7. Ads Collection - Collection Ad

    This type of Facebook ad allows the purchase process (of a product or service) to be made directly. Where potential customers can search among products easily and when they make a purchase decision (it will be direct and immediate).
    The form of this advertisement is a large basic central image (or possible video of the product) with four images that come under the main image that users can click on to see its characteristics and features.
    Among the areas in which Collection Ad can be used:

      • Instant Storefront: This ad is ideal for showing multiple products as part of the same ad campaign, and driving traffic to each product's product page.
      • Instant Book: With this ad, you can show or design a product in different contexts to your audience.
      • Instant customer acquisition: This advertisement is ideal for directing visits to the landing page of the product and asking them to take a specific action on it.
      • Instant storytelling: With this ad, you can tell a story about your brand or help your audience learn more about the business.

  • The best tips for making Facebook ads

Facebook offers a wide range of features and characteristics that you can use when making an advertisement, but to do it right you need to have a strategy to work.

  1.  Target a specific audience

    Your goal in doing a Facebook ad is engagement, or as we call it conversions (i.e. the ad's ability to bring customers to the landing page to make a purchase). Therefore, you must pay attention to an important point, which is that targeting a large audience may lead to negative results, because this large audience may not be interested in advertising and does not need this product in the first place.
    Therefore, you must tend to define the audience according to the product you want to achieve greater results.

    • Facebook offers great possibilities to define the target audience in terms of demographics, interests, location, and even behavior.
    • For example, if you have a women-only gym, this means that you do not have to make your ad target young people, it should only target women, and you can also specify it more and choose the age you want). Thus, you have achieved the most desired benefit from the advertisement.
  2. Facebook ads should be relevant to the audience

    In 2015, Facebook added a feature to the Facebook Ads system, which is the ability to evaluate your ad and give you points for that. So the more relevant your ad image, copy, and landing page are to your audience, the better the result.
    So when you choose your audience, you have to make your ad relevant and relevant to it, otherwise you are wasting your money.

  3. to be visible

    Visual content is often shared more than written content. Facebook's algorithms also handle visual content better.
    So no matter what type of ad you create, the images should be unique and visually appealing.

  4. Includes an attractive value proposition

    When you think of making an ad, you have to think of the user seeing that ad and asking the questions they might ask.
    for example:

      • How does your product or service differ from any other?
      • Why should a viewer click on your ad to see your website?
      • Why should the viewer click on the ad?
    • What you put must be believable and real. For example, saying you have the best shoes in the world won't get people to come to your business page, but maybe offer 20% off.

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